Your Hotel facing the sea in Bellaria for a holiday in harmony with the sea waves

The pleasure of being in the center of attention and unforgettable moments in front of the beach

“From the first moment I’m happy. Everything is even better than I dreamed of, I can not wait to find my room”.

The Strand Hotel will surround you with its unique atmosphere and its attention to detail. Your experience is at the centre of your stay. From the first moment you step foot into the hotel with your suitcase, you are the real protagonist of your holiday.

You can breathe the sophisticated air of a space where everything has been arranged to make you feel very good.

Everywhere you look you see greatly curated interiors, like the bar, the outside relax area, the restaurant, the spa and the rooms, all different from one another.

The cuisine can surprise you, with the right balance between creativity and tradition. At the table you’ll get elaborated dishes that are also able to honour the traditions of Romagna, like tagliatelle al ragu, which perk up your taste buds with the flavor of authenticity.

All of this while you’re looking at the sea from the scenic restaurant hall, which is curated into detail, with a vintage elegance that reminds you of the classical old holidays.